We recognize the pioneering achievements of
today’s women–who are forging the path
for others to make their mark.

Unwavering in our cause, we celebrate the unabashed contributions
of women in business society with iron fists, celebrating conquest with flamboyance.

We represent the quintessential woman, who, in her elegance
carries this pursuit...
without fear.


Your Stories. Your Voice.



Unmaking Tradition with Purpose. Igniting dreams with the possession of uncanny self awareness.


We go way beyond the daily dose of feel good inspirational quotes and mantras – straight to fierce tools that shift paradigms.



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Stop Playing Yesterday’s Game.

There has never been a better and more exciting time to be a woman, an entrepreneur, a mother or a woman in business. There’s a place for women like you, and it begins with thinking big. Less like filling a ‘role’ and more like being the unstoppable, unabashed and – yes, very sexy being you are. Add a dollop of intrigue, a hint of mystery and a whole lot of embracing the feminine, and you are this woman on tap, on demand, and on top.


Exciting. Scary. A new way of thinking.


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Our Manifesto

Dedicated to breaking open a worldview and why it’s important

Why thinking beyond boundaries and limits is the future

Why exposing your true beliefs is a powerful differentiator in life and business

Creating a dedicated voice to the diversity of women’s ethnicities, business and style


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