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I moved around a lot growing up, so I never really had the chance to create close friendships. I had a tough time bouncing around from school to school, and wasn’t exactly the most popular girl. I was the awkward chick, who was teased for being different. At an early age, I found a deep sense of solace expressing myself through poetry. I had no idea my adoration for writing would lead me to journalism, let alone television news.

She spent a decade working as a journalist for local television stations in Arizona (KYMA, NBC) and Utah (KSTU, FOX) and made appearances on Fox News.

I had no clue who I wanted to be. Embarking on a career in journalism was serendipitous in so many ways. It’s a long story, for another time. All I know is I had the honor of working with some of the best and brightest for more than ten years. Most importantly, I was blessed with the gift of being entrusted with people’s personal lives. Sharing their stories was one of my greatest joys.

Her accolades include an Edward R. Murrow, Associated Press Awards, recognition from the Utah Broadcasters Association and Assyrian Community for her excellence in journalism. She was also voted one of the State’s top reporters by Salt Lake’s City Weekly Magazine for more than five years.

There was a period during my career when I experienced immense anxiety. I felt the pressure of having to perform on a daily basis, and the overbearing feeling of having to emanate perfection. It was suffocating. I was gasping for air inside. I would stare outside the studio windows some days and wonder, what else was out there for me? Was I meant for more than this? I know it sounds silly to some, but there were so many times I felt incredibly disempowered as a woman in media. I decided in almost an instant that I had to create the change I desired to see in media, instead of wondering why it was the way it was.

From TV to Business Woman, Nineveh fired her bosses in 2015 to launch her digital publication.

I learned a lot my first year in business. I was clueless about entrepreneurship. I had been thrown to the wolves. It wasn’t the plan to leave TV so soon, but it was clear to me what my new calling was so I took a big risk. I am constantly inspired by the women before me who have paved the path I’m able to walk thanks to them, and I want to share those stories with the world.

Nineveh graduated from California State University East Bay with a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2004. She is married to John Madsen, a former NFL Oakland Raiders TE and successful athletic performance coach in Utah.

A woman’s vision is realized the moment she truly believes in the power of her purpose. I want to challenge today’s women to step up, show up to the world and become the person they were always meant to be.


Nineveh consults with a limited clientele so they receive her full focus. Below are the distinguished services her media consulting group provides. For pricing, fill out the contact form below.


Business Development


Every business is one of a kind. You won't find a one size fits all approach to our business development game plan. We spend time consulting with your company to identify its needs to determine the next move.

Strategy Session

Customized Strategy Report


Brand Identity


We use specialized research to identify your audience and demographic to create a unique strategy to determine your brand identity.

Analysis of current trends and projections

Establish brand architecture

Share key findings and determine action plan for visual communications

Logo Design

Brand Assets Included

Determine the tone, voice and brand narrative


Content Creation


"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek

With more than a decade of experience in broadcast journalism, Nineveh has first-hand experience building a lasting impression. She's created powerful brands - personally and professionally with her TV persona, her GMR online course and digital publication, HER. A company's biggest asset is its story. Let us help you create a powerful story that sells. This takes experience. Discover the secret formula to story telling.

We help craft your story

Create Content for all your platforms


Video Story Telling

CRafting powerful visual narratives

What drives people's behavior? EMOTION. Your company story has to inspire a deep emotional connection with your customer. One of the most powerful tools being used today is video. We craft powerful visual narratives. Your videos should go beyond promoting your product. Most businesses miss the mark on this and throw thousands of dollars down the drain with production companies that do not specialize in story telling.  Our team has more than 30 years of experience in journalism. 

Story Boarding

Includes a 60 Second Promo + 3 Minute Narrative

Includes Imagery, Videographer, Editor and Producer


Website Design & Development


Whether you're a small company or large enterprise, we have the resources to help you create an online persona that gets noticed.

Design Website Layout

Craft Content for Website

Graphics Included

Hosting and Email Management


Modern Marketing


The world of marketing is rapidly changing. Are you keeping up? Technology is drastically altering the way we communicate , but people are craving connection more than ever before. We offer a dynamic combination of offline and online marketing strategies to get your company noticed.

Offline Marketing Strategy Outline

Online Marketing Strategy Outline

Event Planning

Email Marketing Campaigns

Landing Pages that Convert

Specializing in Lead Magnets


Public Relations


As account holders of PR NewsWire, Lash Media Group has access to some of the most powerful resources in public relations. Equip with agility and data reporting, you will see where your dollars are going. With a strong network of connections in the media industry including television, print and digital - we can help elevate your business.

Press Release Writing

Press Release Distribution

Media Game Plan


Social Media Strategy


The fortune is in the follow up. Many of your clients and customers are now online. How are you serving them? How are you communicating with them? Build a community of raving fans and be seen by real people. While we focus on growing your social footprint, don't be fooled by accounts with grandiose numbers. The value is in the tribe of loyal followers you have. 

Strategize where to put your social efforts

Develop Social Media Branding

Create Engaging Social Content

Manage Social Media Accounts

Specializing in Facebook Ads

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Nineveh is extremely hardworking and driven to empower the people around her. She’s a person you absolutely want on your team.
This woman knows how to get it done. She’s been a fantastic addition to our marketing team and really understands how to leverage automation.
Nineveh’s knowledge and skills gained from being an entrepreneur along with her TV News career brings to mind only two words to describe her: MEDIA MOGUL. Many of my successes along my career path can be attributed to her advice and mentorship. She enables people to have a voice, and has a wealth of information and knowledge.”
— RaeAnn Christensen, FOX 7 Austin, Reporter/Weather Anchor
I’ve been blessed to know Nineveh for more than a decade as a colleague and friend. During that time, I have seen her flourish from a talented journalist to a bold businesswoman. Her passion and determination to live life on her own terms are incredibly inspiring. Nineveh refuses to settle for an average existence and has created her own path to happiness and empowerment, which she loves sharing with others. Nineveh is strong, smart, eloquent, and honest. She embraces all of the challenges in her life because she knows those struggles play an important role in her success. I can’t say enough about this extraordinary entrepreneur and the impact she has on everyone around her. I know that Nineveh’s dynamic personality, tireless work ethic, and commitment to supporting other women will take her to even greater heights than she has already achieved.
— Sara Sandrik Goins, Public Relations Specialist/Emmy Award-Winning Journalist
Ten years ago, when I met the “main anchor” of the evening news on my first day at work as a morning show personality, I thought “I’ve gotta be this girl’s friend.” My instinct was quite bizarre in comparison to the female majority in the newsroom, who seemed to be threatened by her talent, beauty, or both (and as a result, kept their distance). Not me though. I knew the moment we met that Nineveh was someone special; someone meant for greatness. And I wanted to be part of that.

Over the past decade, I’ve been able to watch her discover her wings and learn to fly, both personally and professionally. Along with many others, I watched as she quit her TV career (in dramatic fashion) to pursue this crazy idea of creating a magazine from scratch. I knew in that moment that her zeal for empowering women was unparalleled.

This chick was for real.

Along with her passion, dedication to greatness, and fresh spin on social issues, what truly sets Nineveh apart is her purity of heart. She’s an authentic, brave and powerfully vulnerable woman who isn’t afraid to put all her cards on the table. I’m grateful the world can finally see Nineveh “Unmake Tradition” through the pages of HER Mag, and perhaps see the magic that I’ve seen since the very start.

— Kristin Smith, Lifestyle Expert Hallmark Channel's Emmy Award-Winning morning show, "Home & Family"

If you'd like to book Nineveh for speaking engagements, her prices are listed below.


Emcee Hourly Rate: $500

All-Day Event Emcee: $1,500

Speech Rate: $750 - $1,500

Custom Speech: $2,500 - $5,000 + travel expenses

Appearance Rate: $350