Are you an Entrepreneur? Or do you have the deep desire to start your own business but don't know where to begin? If you want to create a brand story that sells, then your audience needs to trust you, and it starts with what they see - On Camera!

You want to grow your business right? Video is today's hottest tool to spread your message and generate leads into your sales funnel. Whether it's through webinars or a video for your sales letter, you need to be comfortable on camera. If you want to sell something, your audience needs to trust you - and if you want your audience to trust you, then you need to LOOK, TALK and ACT like you're credible.

And your STORY? It needs to be POWERFUL.

Let me give you a scenario: *who would you rather buy from? The person on camera who comes across smooth, polished, confident and knows what they are talking about - OR the person who is trying to convince you to purchase their course while they are filming on their old beat up couch or dingy apartment, looking disheveled, and stumbling on their words?

I GET IT: people want authenticity! Being genuine is absolutely an asset - however no one feels comfortable buying from someone who appears like they don't know what they're talking about, and more likely than not you DO know your stuff, but translating it on camera is not your area of expertise.

It is MY expertise. I spent more than 10 years in front of Television News Cameras, gaining the trust of tens of thousands of people but I wasn't always polished. In fact, I was a COMPLETE DISASTER when I first began my career, but I learned from the best and discovered a short cut to becoming media ready.


By the time I landed my first TV gig, I came across as if I had already been working in the industry. Two years later, I soared past more than 100 market sizes and was working amongst top Anchors and Reporters who had been in broadcast for more than two decades.

How did this SHY GIRL who was never popular in school become a CONFIDENT WOMAN on television?


I'll show you. Plus, I'll reveal the Anatomy of Storytelling. Just fill out the form below and click the button, and you'll receive my free guide immediately. It will break down the formula I use. I walk you through the steps to creating your story! 

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I have the secrets to fast track you to not only looking fabulous on camera, but feeling confident too. I'll take you through a series of exercises to get you media ready. I will be working with you on your LOOK, VOICE, STORY and DELIVERY.

Your LOOK: Let me help you look credible. That begins with your hair, makeup (yes men you could use some help too), and clothes. I promise you can still look credible and be yourself!

Your VOICE: Do you have a high-pitched voice? Here's the cold hard truth: people trust those with a lower register, and there's a trick I use to sound the way I do. I'll show you the exercises you can conduct to get your voice to sound more authoritative.

Your STORY: What is your story? What are you selling? I have crafted and told thousands of stories. Did you know there's a formula to invoking emotions through story telling? I'll teach you how, and the specific formula I use.

Your DELIVERY: Your story can be powerful but if you don't know how to deliver it, then it won't be effective. I'll teach you how to deliver your story on camera.